he insurance benefits litigation practice group primarily focuses on representing insurers and self-funded benefit plans in federal court actions involving life, health, disability, long term care, annuity, and ERISA matters. The insurance benefits litigation group has extensive experience litigating individual disability claims in state court and in the administrative arena.  The insurance benefits litigation group regularly represents insurers in regulatory and administrative proceedings before the Maryland Insurance Administration and the Office of Administrative Hearings.  In addition, the insurance benefits group handles FINRA and AAA arbitration matters.

The insurance benefits litigation group is actively engaged in both trial and appellate proceedings and has been actively engaged in shaping Maryland insurance law.  For samples of some game changing decisions involving this practice group, please see the following published decisions:  People’s Ins. Counsel Div. v. Allstate Ins. Co., 424 Md. 443 (Md. 2012); Goldstein v. Lincoln Nat’l Life Ins. Co., 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 41720 (D. Md. Mar. 27, 2012); Hudes v. Aetna Life Ins. Co., 806 F. Supp. 2d 180 (D.D.C. 2011); PNC Bank v. Amerus Life Ins. Co., 2007 U.S. App. LEXIS 24148 (3d Cir. 2007).  To see a sample Supreme Court brief filed by the insurance benefits litigation group click here.